Many of you already know me as one of the dedicated doctors at the Hansa Center. For over 4 years, I have been blessed to stand alongside the treatment table with my patients through tribulation and jubilation. Each of them have granted me the opportunity to facilitate the healing of their body, engage in a trust stronger than that of most relationships, and work from my heart just as much as from my brain. As a doctor of Hansa, I not only have the responsibility to steward the healing of God’s children, but to steward God’s clinic as well.

Now, my responsibilities have expanded since accepting the role of CEO. I have been tasked with helping to carry the vision that Dr. Jernigan has been realizing for over two decades. Dr. Jernigan will still maintain the same active role with Hansa Center, as he will continue his role of Chairman. I look forward to his mentorship, his guidance, and our fellowship that has been crucial in my growth as a physician and person.

My vision will very much be in alignment with the same spirit as Dr. Jernigan’s. It will be a vision that continues to strive to set people free from chronic illness and to ensure that they get answers and results. Far too many are suffering and each of you has been through enough battles. The mission I see for the Hansa Center for Optimum Health is to continue to provide stellar care and to stand in the gap for those who cannot be helped by today’s conventional healthcare treatment philosophy.

This is an announcement of my continued commitment to the cause, not of my achievement. I see this as a gift and a privilege. I count myself as fortunate that I get to serve our amazing patients and our brilliant staff in this capacity. This will be but one more role of mine, along with the roles of doctor, teacher, and encourager, all of which I give equal importance.

My duties will require more of me than what I can provide on my own, therefore I will rely upon the close counsel of Dr. Jernigan, our brilliant staff, and each of you who have trusted the Hansa Center for your own health and for the health of others. It is through this community of efforts that together we can help all who seek to experience freedom from chronic illness.

Yours in health and faith,

Aric D. Cox, DC