Dr. David Jernigan is interviewed on The Morning Show with Patrick Timpone. Click link to listen: http://oneradionetwork.com/health/dr-david-jernigan-dc-bio-resonance-scanning-and-circuit-healing-january-14-2014/

Show Highlights:

-Going beyond homeopathic medicine with Bio-Resonance Scanning

-As a man thinks in his heart, is he: Dr. Jernigan explains the role of the heart; it is not a pump. This is fascinating

-Anthroposophic Medicine (Anthropos = human being : Sophia = wisdom) is a form of complementary medicine developed by Rudolf Steiner that views the entire human being. The anthroposophical approach to medicine adds spiritual insight to diagnosis and healing. Applied by conventionally trained medical doctors who combine orthodox medical treatment with complementary practice, this modern holistic paradigm combines European homeopathics, plant medicines, natural remedies and elements of allopathic principles. Inspired by Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), anthroposophic medicine takes into account that human beings, nature and the cosmos are interrelated. Many other therapeutic disciplines that have developed within the approach include homeopathic and herbal remedies, homecare, nursing, artistic therapy, music therapy, hydrotherapy, curative eurythmy (movement), and massage.

-What is now happening to the body since we’ve suppressed the body in fighting disease?

-Talking Polio: When polio was really raging, still only 1 in 100 came down with the disease

-Lyme Disease explained