Dr. David Jernigan is interviewed on the Lyme Light Radio show with Katina Makris, a chronic Lyme survivor, speaker and author of “Out of the Woods”. Dr. Jernigan interview starts at 15:00:00.

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Bullet Points

* In the mid-90’s when I wrote my first book on chronic Lyme disease, very few people knew they might have LD, as doctors believed it was only contracted in New England. Now thankfully the word has gotten out that LD is found in every state and virtually every country in the world, so more people are getting help than ever.

* I was the one of the first doctors in the U.S., back in the 1990’s, to do research on the natural treatment of people who were declared “cured” by their medical doctor after six weeks of doxycycline…only their symptoms remained and were getting progressively worse. I was also the first to publish a book on the topic. Now I have published four books…the latest being “Beating Lyme Disease, 2nd edition.”

* Lyme disease mimics hundreds of other diseases, and once it gets a good foothold in a predisposed person, Lyme bacteria will activate many other bacteria and viruses that were already in the body, but were dormant, so a person can go from bad to much worse very quickly.

* We know from research that the bacteria are not “eating” your tissues. In the 1990’s, I set out on the quest for figuring out what toxins the bacteria were producing. After years of testing, I was the first to discover that ammonia, not pneumonia, but ammonia, was the primary toxin causing the majority of symptoms. This finding has now been verified by other Lyme researchers.

* In chronic LD, that is not too complicated by other problems, the ammonia seems to primarily accumulate in the liver, the heart, the jaws, and the brain. In severe cases, the ammonia can be detected all over the body.

* There are only a few illnesses that are known to produce large amounts of ammonia, such as liver diseases like Hepatitis, and a handful of microbial infections. Candida-type yeast infections have been shown to consume gluten and turn it into ammonia, however it affects the gut, not the liver, heart, and brain.

* Once I discovered that ammonia is the primary toxin, it took a year or so to figure out the solution…a plant growing wild in the fields of Kansas. The plant is called Silphium laciniatum, also known as Compass Plant, which is the core of all of the NeuroAntiTox formulas. This is a plant so electromagnetically charged that the edges of its leaves orient themselves facing North and South. The Silphium plants are extracted green, not dried first like most botanical extracts, so that we can capture the energetics of this phenomenal plant.

* There is so much more to recovering from LD than simply detoxing ammonia. Obviously we must work to help the body get rid of the source of the toxins, the bacteria and the messed up metabolic processes of the body.

* At the Hansa Center in Wichita Kansas, we don’t follow the treatment philosophy that 99% of LLMD’s and natural doctors use…the “kill the bug” mentality. We don’t treat any named disease, nor are we ever trying to essentially bomb the bacteria population with prescription or natural antibiotics.

* We enjoy the great results we often get at the Hansa Center because we work to restore the body’s own bioenergetic immune system so that the body itself can kill off the bacteria.

* The very first natural remedy I developed in the mid-1990’s is the product Borrelogen. Many classical herbologists and doctors did not understand the formula, or why it would work at all, since none of the collection of plant extracts in the formula were considered antibacterial from a classical herbology perspective.

* Borrelogen was not formulated to bomb the bacteria. The complex formulation of plant extracts combined to create  certain frequencies. Once a person took the remedy it could work almost like new computer software that would program the body to produce unique bio-energetic frequencies that would naturally kill the bacteria! It’s a very evolved and eloquent way to treat the body. Not only does it respect the wisdom of the body, but it enhances and refines that wisdom, so that the body can do the work of controlling the microbes naturally.

* At the Hansa Center, our doctors have over 4000 different remedies that we can test in this frequency-specific way to identify not just the formulas that I have developed, but the best formulas anyone has developed, without bias to one product line or protocol. Our doctors can determine what works with your unique body, instead of working in spite of the body, like prescription and natural antibiotics do.

* I presented research on Borrelogen in 1999 at the International Tick-borne Diseases Conference in New York City, where 500 of the top infectious disease researchers and doctors met to present and discuss research on LD. As far as I know, the research I did of my formulation called Borrelogen is still the only real laboratory verified research out there that documents via blood tests that a natural remedy even works. Remember though, Borrelogen is not treating any disease or bacteria…it is supporting the little-known bioenergetic immune system. That research can be read in my book, Beating Lyme Disease, 2nd edition.

* In that research we used a LUAT test, that essentially is a urine test where the lab counts how many pieces of dead Lyme spirochete bacteria were found in the patient’s urine, usually after a week of taking antibiotics. A positive LUAT was where the lab found 32 pieces of dead Lyme bacteria in your first morning urine. A highly positive test was if the lab found 45 pieces of dead Lyme bacteria. After our patients took 1 dropper TID of Borrelogen for a week almost all of the LUAT tests were between 100 to greater than 400 which is where the lab quits counting! The bioenergetic immune system of the body was able to kill off massive amounts of the bacteria. (Due to the frequencies produced by the body as a result of the installation of the new “software” from the remedy.)

We know that the Humoral immune system cannot see the Lyme bacteria, they are what are known as “Stealth Microbes”, like the Stealth jets that are used by the Air Force. So taking Echinacea, Thymus extracts, and other classical immune system boosters, while a good idea for colds, flu’s and other types of infections, will not do much for people with LD. A person with chronic LD will not show high white blood cell counts due to the LD. The WBC count may go up for a brief period due to some other microbial issue that has opportunistically gotten out of control.

* Only by programming the body’s bioenergetic immune system can you explain the huge amounts of dead Lyme bacteria seen with the formulas that I developed. In the same way that natural doctors have been giving immune boosting herbs and vitamins for generations, these frequency-based botanical formulas are a much more effective way to boost the body’s own bio-energetic immune system, because the doctors trained to do this can tailor the frequencies to the person’s specific needs. This type of frequency-specific treatment enables the body to kill off and control only the bad bacteria, while leaving the myriad of friendly flora untouched…unlike broad-spectrum natural and prescription antibacterial products.

* Consider this fact, there are over 10 times more bacteria than cells living in the healthy, human body. Bacteria represent over 5 pounds of your total body weight! We now know that we all have Strep bacteria and many other types of potentially problematic bacteria ALL THE TIME, and yet your classic immune system is not going crazy trying to keep them all under control. So we see that merely having a type of bacteria, does not mean you will ever come down with a disease from that bacteria.

* In fact, unlike most types of bacteria, like Strep and Staph, which can be cultured and studied in petri dishes, Lyme spirochetes cannot be cultivated very easily, they are not that hardy. Unless the pH, the growth medium, the temperature, and everything is just right, they cannot survive or even be grown in a lab. That makes it difficult to get a good blood test, but it also tells us that it requires a very specific type of environment inside of the body to enable the Lyme bacteria to get out of control.

* I believe this is why Lyme is the infectious disease of the century. It is not as much where the bacteria came from, but what we have done to our bodies that has predisposed so many people to getting the disease.

* The CDC has finally admitted that over 300,000 people in the United States have LD. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are quadruple that number of active, but undiagnosed Lyme disease, masquerading as Fibromyaglia, Chronic Fatique, Multiple Sclerosis, arthritis, heart disease, and other chronic illnesses. It wouldn’t surprise me if as many as a million more people actually have the Lyme bacteria, but don’t have any symptoms.

Pet Peeves

* Doctors who are watching for your symptoms to get much worse as a sign of good treatment. I feel like a lone voice in the wilderness screaming for the end of this barbaric practice of doctors telling the patients that they will likely feel horrible for 1-5 years with the antibiotics, but after that they may possibly start feeling better.

* The treatment should not be worse than the disease, but very often I do feel that the illness would never have gotten so bad if antibiotics had not been the only method of treatment.

* The sign of a well thought out treatment plan is that the person feels better, not worse. If the doctor addresses the many reasons that the herx is happening, WHILE he is helping the body address the bacteria, then the person does not have to go through hell and have horrible worsening of their symptoms, just to somehow PROVE to the doctor that the medicine is working.

* The sign of good treatment is that you get better, not worse! The sign of good treatment is that the doctor trains your body to handle these types of bacteria so if you ever get bitten again by an infected tick your body will immediately know how to prevent the bacteria from causing disease again. You will never get that from simply taking antibiotics, the body never learns anything and is in reality weakened by taking antibiotics.

* Once diagnosed, every symptom you get is blamed on the LD, when in reality you might have a cold, allergies, or might be having a reaction to the medicines. Not every issue can be fixed with a pill, remedy, or I.V. The doctor must recognize the problems and use the right tools for the job.