Neuro-Antitox II Basic


The Basic formula is good for global detoxification of the Lyme toxins, heavy metals, and for those who are unsure which specific Neuro-Antitox II™ Formula to take. This formula does not contain any sarcobioenergetic potencies.

The chief ingredient in all of the Neuro-Antitox II™ formulas is a novel use botanical, Silphium laciniatum. Out of 5000 different natural botanicals, minerals, nutraceuticals, and pharmaceuticals tested using Bio-Resonance Scanning™, Silphium tested superior to them all for detoxifying the Lyme-specific neurotoxins. The Neuro-Antitox II™ formulas also contain the next best substance identified as a synergistic (supportive) botantical along with the Silphium — Salvia Azurea Blue Sage. The only difference between the Musculo-Skeletal, and CNS/PNS formulas is the use of Sarco-bioenergetic Potencies™, which may act as driving agents (to direct the Silphium and Blue Sage to the specific tissues where they are needed, instead of just circulating around the body randomly).

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