Treatment Philosophy

Specializing in Acute and Chronic Illness

We are doctors of chiropractic specializing in acute and chronic illness from the treatment philosophy of American Biological Medicine. (ABM) American Biological Medicine has historically been one of the most effective, results-based, healing philosophies. ABM is a profoundly eloquent and scientifically sound philosophy of healing.

The best treatment centers and hospitals in the world for any illness are recognizing that although drugs have relieved many symptoms for the last 100 years, they have also led to our own demise in the form of chronic diseases like Lyme disease, chronic fatigue, pain-syndromes, and cancer. This includes antibiotics, in the long run.


Restore Optimum Integrity and Disease Falls Away

The top treatment centers, such as the Paracelsus Clinic, Lucas Clinic, and the Filder Clinic in Switzerland, as well as the Hansa Center for Optimum Health, P.A. in the U.S., now strive only to restore the optimum integrity and function of every aspect of the patient, and from there disease symptoms fall away. All of our doctors specialize in American Biological Medicine for the healing of chronic and degenerative diseases.

As a philosophy, American Biological Medicine does not treat specific diseases, though our doctors are classically trained in all of the pathologies that plague mankind. As Dr. Jernigan states, “Our job is not to treat named diseases, but to restore optimum functional integrity, from there diseases fall away.”


Chiropractic Medicine Embraces the Core Principles of American Biological Medicine

In contrast to the relatively simplistic, antibiotic-based and antimicrobial treatments, which focus only on the numbers on blood tests and symptomatic relief, the treatment philosophy of American Biological Medicine is based upon the following core principles:

  1. That the removal of interferences in the restoration of optimum health and bio-regulation is the principle goal. That optimum health is that point at which the body, mind, and spirit can adapt instantly and correctly to any change in its internal and external environment.
  2. That health is a component of the organism, and is not achieved by the absence of microbes of any kind. Treat the bugs and more bugs will follow…treat the human condition and health will follow.
  3. That no bacteria or virus can replicate and thrive in an optimally healthy body. That in a healthy body, normal components in the blood, such as albumen, is six times more effective than antibiotics at controlling bacterial growth.
  4. That the doctor should never give a remedy or treatment that will harm other unintended aspects of the body’s function and integrity. Every remedy must be frequency-matched (BRS) to work synergistically with every function of the body.
  5. That the standard pieces and parts view of the body is doomed to fail. The interconnectedness of the entire body and the individual Organ Circuits must be understood, viewed, and the many problems within each circuit must be addressed within each treatment visit.
  6. That each Organ Circuit is shared by an organ, gland, muscle, tooth, neurological tissue, and sense organ. When anything goes wrong at any level of the circuit, everything on that circuit suffers the same fate, resulting in an overall decrease of 60% energy available in that circuit to maintain integrity and resistance to microbial overgrowth.
  7. That the wisdom of the body must be respected and understood.
  8. That the world’s most astute and celebrated doctors cannot heal even a simple paper cut, much less kill every last bacteria and microbe thereby resulting in health. So the role of the doctor is to identify and correct any interference with the body’s own ability to heal on all levels.
  9. That everything in the universe is simply an electromagnetic frequency. By providing the body with the corrective/inverse frequencies of the pathological condition health can be restored.
  10. That every microbe and pathology has its own unique electromagnetic signature based upon its unique molecular structure and can be detected with the non-computerized, adjunctive, diagnostic test called Bio-Resonance Scanning more reliably than the 96% fail-rate of blood tests.
  11. That the goal of every office visit/treatment is to get every organ circuit up and running at 100% integrity. Subsequent treatments involve specialized testing to reveal other issues anywhere in the body that are out of optimum and repair them.
  12. That every treatment must strive through BRS testing, physical observation, and testing to identify and provide the body with the corrections in the musculo-skeletal, neurological, emotional, epigenetic, and energetic systems.
  13. The primary goal is to restore the optimum function and integrity within all of the body systems, provide the body with the frequency-matched remedies to facilitate the body’s control of microbes.
  14. Address the issues in the mind and spirit that are contrary to healing and proper genetic expression.
  15. Maintain optimum function and integrity long enough that the body has time to replace the dysfunctional cells with healthy cells. The goal is to get each person to the point where no remedies need to be taken in order to stay well.
  16. That the doctor expects rapid resolution of symptoms, instead of waiting months for any positive effect from treatments.
  17. That a Herxheimer (herx) reaction is to be avoided as much as possible by assisting the body in rapidly and efficiently dealing with toxins.


Hansa Center remedies, nutritional products, and treatment modalities are intended to enhance overall body performance and are not intended or implied to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any specific illness. All remedies and nutritional supplements are only the doctor’s best recommendation and are at no time to be considered a prescription. Always consult with your health practitioner before beginning any treatment program, especially if pregnant or nursing. If you are having a medical emergency, please call 911 or go to nearest emergency room.
The information provided here is for educational purposes only and should not be considered medical advice. Hansa Center for Optimum Health, P.A. assumes no responsibility for how this information is used. We do our best to keep all information as current as possible, but medical information can change frequently.
“The ideal doctor is not a specialist in diseases, but one who understands disease, yet specializes in restoring what is optimum.” – Dr. David A. Jernigan